Federal authorities ignore pleas for assistance from Corporation Members


Twenty five members of the Cunnamulla Aboriginal Corporation for Health have been forced to take action by signing a petition to bring the current board to order given that they have clearly breached the organizations rules on five occasions since taking over the helm in May 2011. Not only have the board failed to respond to community pleas and adhere to their own rules but the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) and one of the funding bodies the Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health (OATSIH) have deserted the community by failing to act despite being notified of the boards outlaw actions and amidst allegations of misappropriation of funds that is further fuelling speculation of corrupt activity. One director, a recognized and much respected Elder of the community, has been removed from the board illicitly and despite receiving written notification from ORIC that the member should be re-instated the board has failed to do so. To make matters worse the board has also informed him that he is NOT to enter the premises again despite that fact that he is a patient himself and regularly treated by the Health Corporation staff. Other members and ex-staff have also been banished from the Medical centre in a move that violates their most basic Human rights by blocking access to Medical attention. Meanwhile, the incumbent board is freely allowed access to medical services and the facility whilst one of them is under investigation for misappropriation and they have all violated the Corporation rules on multiple occasions.


The lack of support from ORIC and OATSIH in bringing the board to order has left the community feeling isolated and discriminated against and they are looking for authorities to step up to the mark and assist restoring order to the Corporation. The Cunnamulla Aboriginal Corporation for Health is a vital cog in the Cunnamulla Aboriginal community wheel and in bridging the gap in Indigenous health in the region. Members are determined to stand up and see the problems rectified in an appropriate manner that benefits the community it serves. Culturally appropriate Health care is a Human right for any Indigenous community and it is hoped Authorities will move in to mediate and assist the groups in resolving these issues in the upcoming Special General Meeting to be held this Wednesday in Cunnamulla. The Watchgroup will monitor this situation and keep you informed with regular updates and a protest event has been raised on Facebook to gain support and raise public awareness of the issue. It can be viewed by clicking HERE.


Simon Charles Dorante-Day
(c) 2011 Aboriginal Australian's Human Rights Watchgroup.